Panic attacks 

I had a panic attack today. 

I have been having problems these last two weeks with sleeping as I keep having nightmares. I worry that good isn’t foot enough and am angry with myself if I get anything less than 100% in a test or don’t work hard enough. 

I’ve been putting all this pressure on myself to be perfect when I should have been looking to be happy. I’ve made myself sick and sleep deprived and today I cracked but sadly I cracked at school inform of my English class and again in maths. My class mates now know I’m cracked and that I’m breaking. Everyone is being so nice but I don’t want their pity I just want them to see me as normal. 

Sadly normal and perfection are conceptualised ideas and are not obtainable so for now I’m just having to patch up the cracks. As Deadpool once said “if you can’t fix it with tape your not using enough tape” 

I really hope to hear from you guys about so please comment or email me. 
Teen to teen out



One thought on “Panic attacks 

  1. Hi there! It’s Artsyteen and I’ve read what your feeling and I have some tips:

    FOCUS ON YOUR WORDS: From what I see you have some habits that you may not even know of that can possibly be making you more uncomfortable. By reading this I have already noted some things. You use the word STRESSED. I find it that using this word over and over again causes us more of it. Now I don’t know if you use this word repeatedly but we can easily make a substitution word such as “uncomfortable.” You also use the word NORMAL. You want to be normal but why? Be different, in a good way of course. Comparing yourself to normal can just hurt you more, you’re amazing! I know you know normal isn’t actually possible so why compare yourself to it? Another topic PANIC ATTACK. If you believe with 100% that your behavior has come to show a panic attack, you need to talk to someone. Whether it be a professional, a doctor, a therapist, a parent or even an older sister this is a MUST DO. It’s slowing you down from completing the amazing things you do. You know you can get that 100 on the test, why freak out? You’ve done it before, YOU ARE AWESOME

    SLOW DOWN: Throughout the first paragraph I can see your symptoms show you may be taking this too fast. Breathing and slowing down can really help. Do you need something to take your mind off things at night? I used to have a similar problem. Humans aren’t perfect and sometimes I would make mistakes and at night I would play over all of the things I did wrong and it made me really upset. I thought that I had to be perfect. My mom is such an amazing person and I thought I was going to make her unhappy with me if I told the things I did. Which included: swearing, judging, things that everyone does! Because no one is perfect! Finally I talked to her and she was so understanding and I felt so much better. NEVER HOLD IT IN, IT MAKES THE PROBLEM WORSE. Maybe you need to talk to a parent about your sleep issues as well. I listen to music from my alarm clock which is also a radio. I try not to use my phone because I tend to get off task. So if you have a device that plays music, go for it! It works so well. Another tip, write before bed, you’re an amazing writer try it!

    EMOTIONS: When you start to feel yourself become UPSET (instead of cracked, I find it less aggressive if it works for you) set yourself up for it and be ready. My mom just bought me a FIGITCUBE (LINK) it is a small cube with tons of things to do on it, it makes me happy and keeps me from talking in class or going off task. Every once in a while I play with it and then set it down to do my work again. You can also create DIY slime or stress balls with a friend to use in class when you start to feel sad. It may make you feel better and you can remember all of the fun you have making it.

    GRADES: Just remember, I know it sounds cliche but you’re working really hard and thats what matters. You’re building a work ethic for the future. Although you may not get that A++ You’re working your butt off and making your future brighter.

    I’m sorry this was so long. It was like a whole post! Gosh! I hope this helps you 🙂 🙂 xoxoxoxoxoxo One last thought. I’ve been noticing form other posts life has been a little peachy, shall I say, for you. Focus on the awesome. FOCUS ON THE GOOD AND THE HAPPY. Be awesome!!!


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