Huntley Fitzpatrick Interview (29-8-2016)

A week ago a sent Huntley Fitzpatrick an email asking if she could answer a few questions for me as I love her book as thankfully very quickly she said yes.
1)Why did you start writing?
I honestly can’t remember a time in my

life when I didn’t write. There just always seemed to me so many stories to tell.
2) Have you ever had a problem with writing a book?
Every book presents its

problems. Sometimes it’s a cool challenge, and sometimes it’s a brick wall you just have to break on through.
3) Do you have a special space where you write your stories?
My office is in my bedroom, which is a little bit difficult, since there’s no door and it has French windows that open to our backyard, so there’s always soccer

practice for my son going on, or kids in the pool or someone calling up the

stairs to say they can’t find their shoes. I love that I write in the midst of my life, but it can be a challenge to focus.
4) Do you get inspired by the public, family or your own imagination for

characters and situations in you books?
All of the above. I try not to use,

directly, real people. But of course the situations I’m involved in and part

of, the children I know and knew, the person I was and am all play a part.
5) How do you come up with characters name?
It depends. My second daughter

named the heroine in my first book.I gave her a description and she came up

with the name. Sometimes, I just picture a person and the name comes to me.

I thought “Jase” was a name I’d completely invented and then I started

seeing it everywhere.
6) Do you know anyone like your characters in any of your books?
My son Johnny was the basis for George Garrett in My Life Next Door. My beloved godson Luke is the foundation for Emory, in WHAT I THOUGHT WAS TRUE. Mostly, I try to stay away from real people. Jase was inspired by a few good guys I knew. But once you start writing a character, they pretty much forge their own path.
7) If you could choose between a series of TV shows or a film to adapt your

books into which would it be?
It’s so hard to imagine either happening. My husband thinks a TV show that showed all three books happening at the same time would be perfect-he used to work in TV, so I bow to his greater knowledge in this case.
8) Has it always been you dream to be an author?
Always. Always.
9) Do you record ideas for books via Len and paper, voice recorder, memory

or your phone ?
I do pen and paper. My memory is unreliable-always too many

things going on. So I never go anywhere without a pen and paper. In a pinch,

though, I’ve been known to rely on lipstick and an ATM receipt.
10) Which of your characters do you think is most like yourself ?
I’m sure this is true of every author, but there are pieces of me in every single

character. I guess, if I had to say, I’m a combination of Samantha and Tim.
11) Would you regard the three books you have written so far (hopefully

there will be more) as a series or as three separate books?
I would say three separate, although the first and the third are deeply connected.
I would like to say a massive thank you to Huntley Fitzpatrick for by far being the quickest to reply to my emails and also for some very interesting answers as I am now going to try and find all the connections between her first and last book. I really hope we see some more books by Huntley on the shelves soon and I can’t wait to read them when they are.
Teen to teen out



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