When you feel like a mess

Always crying

Even when someone just says ‘Hi’

You feel like running away

Nothing making you stay

You can’t see the end of the road

You just feel like an ugly toad

Then someone comes along and ask if you’re okay

That’s all the person has to say

Then all your problems disappear

As well as all your fear.


5 thoughts on “Sadness

  1. I’m so sorry about that. I have been having friend troubles too, everyone seems to exclude me from everything and sometimes I feel like no one likes me, but that’s not true. I have an amazing supportive family and cute puppy lol. Plus all of my younger friends and all of my friends on my blog. But I know better things will come too, Its almost summer and I’m transitioning to a new school and I’m going to make so many new friends, I can’t wait! So I think together we can get through these last months and find the best of it. So many other good things are happening in life, just ignore the stupid stuff. Your not alone! xoxoxo lets chat some more if you need it


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