Life can be an odd thing with people coming in and out of it each effecting you in different ways. I sometimes wonder if what they teach me i stat everyone leaves eventually just ilk someday you will leave someone .

Every time someone comes into your life enjoy it and be happy as you never know this could be the person you spend all of your life talking with and laughing at their rubbish jokes. Sometimes people come into your life simply to leave it and then eventually you will forget them.

I am about to embark on the brilliant GCSEs and in 6 weeks I won’t see many of my friends as they go off to other colleges and 6th forms whilst I stay with the others. I will be saying goodbye to people who have effected my life for around three years and next september more people will come into it. I don’t think they will replace those who have left but they will simply be different you can never replace people like for like and if you can then maybe they weren’t that important in the place.

Recently one of my friends from Australia contacted me and we have reconnected and i haven’t laughed at memories so much in such short time before and I know that he hasn’t been replaced and he won’t replace someone. My life has involved a lot of coming and going and moving and leaving so i have made friends quickly and lost them just as fast. I understand that not everyone is in your life to stay forever and someone who is your best friend or the most important person to you know may not be in 10 years. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cherish those in you rife at the moment as in the future they may make a reappearance and you’ll want amazing memories to look back at instead of regrets.

Teen to teen out



A little confession

I think I have a crush on someone.

I hate having a crush as I have a figure that guys don’t always find attractive and my personality and sense of humour that often sends me straight into the friend zone. What should I do?

Every time that I see and talk to him I smile and the mention of him makes me blush and become happier. We talk a lot and I always want to talk to him and talk about him but I have a feeling that I will always be just a friend as he could do better and as I said before I’m not the girl that guys would normally go for.

I don’t know what to do as I don’t want to live my life always having crushes and nothing more. I have never had a boyfriend and all of my friends have. I haven’t had my first kiss and I just want to have someone their for me. I feel like I may have a very late start to the dating thing (and may need to loose a few inches around my waist) and maybe that’s a good thing but it doesn’t help my self-esteem which is already low enough.

Please help and I hope I can help you.

Teen to Teen out


Planning your future

I am currently having to chose what A levels I wan to do and am contemplating my future.

My gut is telling me one thing but my head and everyone else is telling me to do something different. People are telling me where to go to 6th form, A level choices, wether I should go to university or not and what job I should to.

My current plan is to stay at my school for 6th form and do English literature, history and RE for A level stand then go to New York to do some courses in Cookery and hopefully become a chef. For some reason I see this as such an easy route as i find it all easy to do and it isn’t challenging.

Other people are telling me to go to university and become a teacher and to do a 9-5 job (which being a chef is definitely not)and live my life that way. My parent don’t help with this as my mum studied law and is now an interior designer and my dad studied economics and now owns a bike cafe so neither of them have stuck to what they studied.

Plus all of my friend are going through the science and maths route which is what I feel that I should do as that is what I find difficult and challenging so therefore that is what I should do.

Please help mea and I really hope I ca help you.

Teen to teen out.


Self confidence

Do you ever get that hung when you feel amazing about yourself and then looking in a mirror and then just go “maybe not.”

I know that everyone says it’s what’s witging that counts but we all know that’s not true. I mean you and I have probably meant someone knew and seen them and judged on appearances only to realise that you were completely wrong once you got to know them. 

I’m all for being proud no matter what you look like but as a girl I find the need to look a certain way to impress boys but mainly to fit in with what society has chosen a girl should look like.

I want you to know I think all of you are lovely people (unless your a mass murderer) no matter what you look like. 

Please comment and email me as always 

Teen to teen out