Panic attacksĀ 

I had a panic attack today. 

I have been having problems these last two weeks with sleeping as I keep having nightmares. I worry that good isn’t foot enough and am angry with myself if I get anything less than 100% in a test or don’t work hard enough. 

I’ve been putting all this pressure on myself to be perfect when I should have been looking to be happy. I’ve made myself sick and sleep deprived and today I cracked but sadly I cracked at school inform of my English class and again in maths. My class mates now know I’m cracked and that I’m breaking. Everyone is being so nice but I don’t want their pity I just want them to see me as normal. 

Sadly normal and perfection are conceptualised ideas and are not obtainable so for now I’m just having to patch up the cracks. As Deadpool once said “if you can’t fix it with tape your not using enough tape” 

I really hope to hear from you guys about so please comment or email me. 
Teen to teen out